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Fioretto Ensemble is a professional early music ensemble founded in 1997. It has been giving concerts in Medieval, Renaissance and Early Baroque music for the last twenty years. The ensemble was founded by singer/harpist Debra Gomez-Tapio and historical dancers Mirja-Liisa Herhi and Antti Talvio. Unfortunately, both Mirja-Liisa and Antti have succumbed to cancer but Fioretto Ensemble continues to work as a music ensemble and keeps Mirja-Liisa and Anttiā€™s legacy alive by collaborating with dancers.

Fioretto Ensemble employs a varying number of professional musicians and dancers in accordance with its programs. Nowadays Janek öller, Mikael Heikkilä, and Ilpo Laspas together with Debra Gomez-Tapio make up the core of musicians. When Fioretto creates larger programs it often collaborates with Lumous Ensemble, a singing ensemble also directed by Debra.

Fioretto Ensemble

Kirsi Väntsilä

p. 040 5032 745

Photographs: Carita Berg
Graphics: Jussi Lyly