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Fioretto Ensemble is a professional early music ensemble founded in 1997, specializing in the performance of Medieval, Renaissance and Early Baroque music and dance. The ensemble was formed by singer/harpist Debra Gomez-Tapio and historical dancers Mirja-Liisa Herhi and Antti Talvio.

Fioretto Ensemble employs a varying number of professional musicians and dancers in accordance with its programs. Nowadays Janek Öller and Mikael Heikkilä with Debra Gomez-Tapio make up the core of musicians. Fioretto often collaborates with Lumous Ensemble, a group of singers also directed by Debra, to create larger programs.

The CD Une Vie de Femme - A medieval woman’s life (Debra Gomez-Tapio & Kay Stonefelt), published in March 2012, is a musical and poetic presentation, from a woman’s point of view, of the sorrows, betrayals, longings, and joys of love in medieval times. It is available from the Finnish retailer Fuga (CD) and from the US based CD Baby (CD, MP3).

Fioretto Ensemble

Kirsi Väntsilä

p. 040 5032 745

Photographs: Carita Berg
Graphics: Jussi Lyly